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Clary Fray

Clary Fray is the daughter of Jocelyn Fray (Fairchild) and she is a Shadow hunter. She can create new runes and she has some of the talents of the Angel. She is a Shadow hunter and she thought Jace was her brother; but later it turns out he is not. Her father Valentine was a very evil person who wanted to kill Clary and Jace unless they joined him in his monstrosity. Clary Fray is one of the bravest Shadow hunters and her best friend (Simon) turned into a vampire. Clarry still loves him in the end. She has red hair and emerald eyes. She has pale skin. She never even knew that she was a Shadow hunter untill a Ravener demon came and attacked her in her own apartment. She shoved Jace's Sensor down its throat and it choked it. Jace came and took her to the Institute. Jace took her there and healed her of the Ravener demon posion. After a while Jace began to fall in love with Clary.